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America’s Best Dance Crew Champions I.aM.mE astonished judges and fans each week. They took each challenge and researched to find the best way to incorporate it into their routine. Week 4 was Katy Perry songs and I.aM.mE was given ‘Peacock,’ and the crew did not disappoint.  They took the judges critiques to heart and used them […]

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I.aM.mE is one of the craziest, most intricate crews out there. They play with their bodies well and attempt really interesting formations. This video is no different. They use speed well, going from very slow and intricate to fast movement. This crew is constantly surprising. Credit

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Top Twenty Posts of the Year

I thought I would try something new this year and post the top twenty posts. Some are a little surprising but others are very predictable. Top Posts 1. Team iLuminate 2. Heather Morris for Staples 3. Dancers on Glee/LXD Tour 4. Meet the Top 20 5. House 7.15 – Bombshells 6. Emmy Nominations – Choreography […]

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The Jabbazwockeez continue to amaze fans on America’s Best Dance Crew six years after winning the title. The Jabbawockeez have since been given their own Los Vegas show called “MÜS.I.C.” and have flourished. For the season six finale of ABDC, Jabbawockeez came back, owned the stage and showed fans why they won the first time. This […]

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The dance crew KubSkoutz, a group of incredible hip-hop choreographers, are introducing a new member of their crew. Current members include: Ian Eastwood, Tucker Barkley, Nick Demoura, Lyle Beniga, Jun Quemado, Brian Puspos, tWitch, Lee Daniel, Johnny Erasme and Jian Pierre-louis. Who do you think will be joining this illustrious group? Credit.

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