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Merry Christmas

I came back to Ontario during one of the worst ice storms we’ve seen. My hometown looks like Narnia – its incredible. Credit


Vancouver Fan Expo

My first assignment for Hush lead me to the Fan Expo, basically Vancouver’s Comic Con. I arrived at noon the first day, two hours after doors had opened, and the ...

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The city of Moron was my favourite stop on the tour, the decaying architecture, the bright colours and expressive people showed a side of the country we didn’t experience on our island. It would have been nicer to be in a bigger group while walking around the city in order to explore more comfortably but […]

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Jeep Tour

On our last day we decided to partake in an all in one tour – dolphins, jeep tour, crocodiles and the city of Moron. We talked to two separate people about this tour and neither mentioned the crocodile conservatory, so ending up there was quite the surprise. My friend decided she needed to touch every […]

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Memories Resort

The silence on the blog recently will now be made up for with lots of photos of my vacation! A friend and I took a trip to an all inclusive in Cuba called Memories Flaminco on the island of Cayo Coco. The ocean was turquoise, the sky was bright blue and weather was perfect – […]

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Spring Street Shots

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I Miss Nine

Even the Doctor dances. Re-watching the first season of Doctor Who only makes me miss Nine (Christopher Eccelston) even more. This sassy, intense but loving man is so different from the two more recent Doctors and introduced the series with a strong season. This clip, from episode nine, aptly titled The Doctor Dances, features a […]

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Spring in Vancouver

To view more, click here.

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Sunshine After the Rain

Rain had taken over Vancouver, creating a dark, damp, dreary week. Then the sun came out and when those mountains are out you immediately forget how miserable it is when it rains. People come out in hoards, couples walking across the bridge, kids chasing pigeons on Granville Island and bikes galore! Here are some of […]

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The Big Bang

Narrator: According to legend, wherever the Pandorica was taken, throughout its long history, the Centurion would be there, guarding it. He appears as an iconic image in the artwork of many cultures, and there are several documented accounts of his appearances and his warnings to the many who attempted to open the box before its […]

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I’m Back!

There has been way too much silence on this website and for that I apologize. I have started working as a photographer and social media manager for Body Energy Club, in addition to helping create the Cold Press Juices. That means a lot more time at my actual job not as much time for my […]

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What’s This?

It snowed in Vancouver for three straight days! Those cold, white flakes caused some confusion after the beautiful days we had previously. This is a photo of Vancouver on the 21st. These photos were taken February 24th, after a light layer of snow held its ground. It is always nice to have a few days of […]

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Vancouver Feb 21

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Thursday Motivation

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The Homes in Literature

Movies and television allow for a visual outlet to the layout and decorations written about in literature, but this is only a glimpse into the perfectly crafted settings. Terrys Fabrics have compiled a list of the homes from classic literature and recreated the floor plans. The infographic below shows the many rooms used to store […]

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The Pandorica Opens

Commander: So, I return to my command after one week and discover we’ve been playing host to Cleopatra. Who’s in Egypt. And dead. River Song as Cleopatra and the unexpected return of (the erased from history) Rory are only two incredible parts of ‘The Pandorica Opens.’ The puzzle of the Pandorica attracts the Doctor to […]

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Thursday Motivation

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The Lodger

Amy Pond: Football. Okay, well done, that is normal. Yeah, football, all outdoorsy. The Doctor: Now, football’s the one with the sticks, isn’t it? The Doctor is left to his own devices when the TARDIS takes off with Amy inside. When he finds the source of the problem in a two story house, the Doctor […]

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Across the Cambie Bridge

Despite the cold weather, the sun was shining in Vancouver, making it perfect weather for walking. Since my new work is closer to the Cambie bridge, it was a great opportunity to take a new route home.  My fingers almost fell off halfway across but the sky was so blue I couldn’t resist. Credit

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Patterned Midi Skirt

Credit, Credit, Outfit

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Vincent and the Doctor

Amy Pond: We didn’t make a difference at all. The Doctor: I wouldn’t say that. The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. Hey. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant. […]

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View more photos here.  

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